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Special cows make special milk.

As mentioned on the right, all our cows have A2A2 genetics. The are all Jersey cows.  They all graze on a certified organic pasture and their milk is processed in our certified organic dairy. They are also all grass fed, we do not feed grain to the cows (or the beef herd).

This really does make them special producing wonderful tasting milk, rich cream, butter with exceptional flavor, color, and texture, and superb cheeses.


100% A2A2 Grass Fed Genetics Herd

If you're lactose intolerant or sensitive this is IMPORTANT to you.

The genetics of a given herd of dairy cows is very important.

The difference between A2 milk and A1 milk is just one protein. According to licensed nutritionist Monica Reinagel, the primary protein in cow's milk is known as beta casein, which can be present in one of two forms. Those forms are known as the A1 form and A2 form, and most cows produce both, so most milk in stores has both A1 and A2 proteins.  But that one protein makes a big difference in how the milk is digested by humans.  The A2 form of beta casein is more easily digested.

Only cows with A2A2 genetics produce A2 only milk.  Our herd, selectively bred for more than a decade, contains only cows with A2A2 genetics.  This means that every drop of milk produced by our dairy is A2 milk.  So if you're lactose intolerant or lactose sensitive, you may be able to consume our milk and other dairy products without digestive problems.  Some causes of lactose intollerance, such as certain types of gastric surgery, and certain allergies are not effected by A1A2 diferences.