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On LIne
  Place online orders from this website only if you live in Rush County Indiana.
  All other online sales are on the Kemp Farm page at Market Wagon or from the "Other" page at Tyner Pond Farm

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Point & click your way to wholesome, healthy food.

It's not easy to find farm fresh, wholesome, healthy food products for your family.

This is especially if you or a family member has a sensitivity or intollerance to lactose.  Finding certified organic dairy products that are entirely A2A2 is very hard in most areas.

We fix that problem for you with our on-line virtual farmstand.  Anything we offer: milk, cream, butter, cheese, and eggs are all available at Market Wagon and many  of our products are available through Tyner Pond Farm.

Visit our Market Wagon virtual farmstand here.

Visit Tyner Poind Farms here.

Point & Click Farm Stand

Buy anything we offer on-line using our virtual farm stand. We only deliver/ship within Indiana

Welcome to our virtual farmstand. 

From this website you can order anything our farm offers and have it delivered right to your door.