Place online orders from this website only if you live in Rush County Indiana.
  All other online sales are on the Kemp Farm page at Market Wagon or from the "Other" page at Tyner Pond Farm

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We'd love to see you

Please make an appointment by telephone a few days before visiting our farm.  As a working farm there are many times when there simply is nobody available to properly welcome and host visitors.

At the farm you can purchase any of our products.

Please remember that we are a traditional Amish family and we have religious rules not commonly kept outside Amish communities.  Please ask before taking a photograph of any of our family members. Also, there is no internet or WiFi service available on the farm.  For your safety do not approach any of the horses or livestock without one of our family members being with you.  While our draft horses and cows are friendly, docile creatures, they are BIG and heavy.

On-Farm Purchase

Monday through Saturday BY APPOINTMENT

You are welcome to visit Kemp Family Organic Farm on Monday through Saturday by appointment.

Call (765) 525-9377

PLEASE, no Sunday calls or appointments, we honor the Sabbath.