Place online orders from this website only if you live in Rush County Indiana.
  All other online sales are on the Kemp Farm page at Market Wagon or from the "Other" page at Tyner Pond Farm

Top Left Image

Draft horses (Belgian's) pulling truck not shown ;-)

OK, there really are no draft horses, and it's a picture of an old "Carnation" milk truck. Our actual delivery vehicle is a Buick driven by a retired "English" guy* (we're Amish, we don't have a drivers license).

But this gets the idea across... with Kemp Family Organic Farm you get old-school customer service and respect.

We deliver more than dairy products and eggs.  What we deliver is QUALITY (the best dairy products we can produce), COMMITMENT (on time, every time), and VALUE (the best quality product for a fair price).

* It's very old Amish thing, anybody that's not Amish is English.

Central Indiana Home Delivery

We are now partnered with Market Wagon and Tyner Pond for delivery.

To increase our market area we have teamed-up with Tyner Pond Farm and Market Wagon for delivery of online orders.  This increases our delivery coverage to 19 central Indiana counties.

Please use the links (above) to purchase our products online and arrange for home or office delivery.

If you live in Rush or Decatur Counties (Indiana), purchase online from this website and home delivery will be via the Kemp's driver on Wednesdays.  In Rush and Decatur counties home delivery is free if your order exceeds $30.00, otherwise there is a $7.00 delivery fee added.