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About Us

Amish tradition certified organic and organically managed products.


Welcome to the Kemp Family Organic Farm & Dairy

We are a certified organic, and organically managed, farm located in Milroy, Rush County Indiana.

Our mission is to provide you with nutrient dense, chemical and cruelty-free foods, grown in the Amish tradition according to God’s Law.  We provide real farm fresh, great tasting truly organic, non-GMO, chemical free, hormone free and antibiotic free foods employing traditional farming methods.

Our farm and dairy are certified organic (by QCS) and our liquid raw whole milk products are certified organic.  Our other products are "organically managed", meaning that we follow the practices of the National Organic Program (NOP) but have not yet submitted our processing activities for certification.  Our organically managed products include butter, yogurt, skim milk, and skim milk cheese curds, and aged raw milk cheeses.

Our dairy herd is 100% A2/A2 genetics Jersey cows.  This means that all of our products from raw milk to aged cheese are "friendly" to those people with lactose sensitivity or intolerance.