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Chef Nick's Italian American Specialties

Welcome to Chef Nick's.  Our product line is a celebration of the rich culinary tradition of my Italian American community.  In 1963, when I was 10, my mother (Helena) and my Tia Rosa (Aunt Rose) began teaching me to lovingly prepare our family's favorite dishes.  More than 60 years later I'm still doing it, and now sharing it with you.

Please, join the ethnic and culinary melting pot that is the Italian American community and make "mangiare con la tua famiglia" (eat with your family) your new household tradition.

Chef Nick's is a brand and trademark of Seven Springs Farm Winery, Inc. 

Buy online with home delivery from: Market Wagon or Tyner Pond FarmIf you live in an area not served by Market Wagon or Tyner Pond you can purchase our products online from this website, however Local Delivery, USPS, UPS, or FEDEX shipping rates will apply.


Our sauces are steeped in Italian American tradition.

Hand crafted (not made in a factory) based on recipes brought to the USA by Tia (Aunt) Rose from Northern Italy in 1909 they are the "real deal".

All our variety of sauces are made from certified organic (whenever possible), or at least Non-GMO ingredients. 

Currently we have our Mafia Gravy (Sunday Gravy), Salsa Puttanesca, Hearty Pizza Sauce, and Salsa Picante Italiana. 


Soups are a mainstay in Italian American cuisine. Most family meals start with either a "warm weather" or "cold weather" soup.

Our soups are all hand crafted (not made in a factory) from the best certified organic and/or Non-GMO ingredients available to us.  We hand make the Italian sausage that goes into our soups.

Currently we have four soups:  Pasta e Fagioli (pasta and bean), Cream of Artichoke and Spinach, Tomato and Peppers, and Tomato and Gorgonzola cheese.


Italian Americans have "game day" just like everybody else, so a good rich dip is always welcome.

Our dips take game day snacks to a new level-- they're top-shelf and extremely rich.

Currently we offer three dips: Little Italy Bean Dip, Little Italy Bean and Gorgonzola Dip and Little Italy Artichoke and Spinach dip.


With our entrees you will not find better in a restaurant.  In fact, we want to make sure that you and your family can enjoy the hearty, flavorful main dishes that graced our Sunday table for generations.

Currently we have one entree in our lineup, Sausage and Peppers.  The sausage is hand crafted in-house from 100% grass fed beef which gives the dish a flavor profile not usually found in "regular" Italian restaurants.

Regional Italian Spice Blends

The flavor center of Italian American cuisine is the blend of herbs and spices used to flavor them.

Every region of Italy has its own unique flavor profile and they all share the "flavors of Italy".  You could look up the recipes for these and make them yourself.  But to do so would require a pantry with hundreds of dollars in herbs and spices-- all going stale faster than you can use them.

Look to Chef Nick's to provide you with fresh, authentic spice blends to help you create your own culinary tradition.


About Chef Nick

Our executive chef is Nicola Vincenzo Cinquegranna.  A second generation Italian American he's been cooking his family's traditional recipes for 60 of his 70 years.

Chef Nick personally oversees our small commercial kitchen in Carthage, Indiana and the small staff of cooks that hand craft all of our products.

Please take a few minutes to look through our website and contact us if you have any questions.