Regional Italian Herb and Spice Blends
When you want to give authentic Italian cooking a try without spending a fortune. Coming in February 2024.

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Italy can be divided into four culinary regions: Northern Italy, Central Italy, Southern Italy, and Sicily.  Then, when dealing with Italian American cuisine we have a few more groups: Boston, NY/NJ, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Chicago.  The differences are sometimes subtile, but when you're going for authenticity it's the little things that matter.  Also, herbs and spices, by the ounce, are the most expensive things in the supermarket.  Herbs and spices do not last forever in your pantry, but, you can buy our blends at a fraction of the cost of keeping all that "stuff" in your pantry.

  • Northern Blend
  • Central Blend
  • Southern Blend
  • Sicilian Blend
  • Boston Blend
  • NY/NJ Blend
  • Pittsburgh Blend
  • Chicago Blend
  • Over the Top Risoto Blend