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Welcome to Seven Springs Farm

We are an organically managed farm located in Rush County Indiana about 35 miles east of Downtown Indianapolis.  We are also practitioners in "value-added agriculture".  Our crops are grown on our farm and then processed for the consumer on the farm.  This allows us to carefully manage the quality of our products from seed and soil to your kitchen, brewery, distillery, or bakery

Burgundy Truffles

Organic truffles grown, harvested, and processed on-farm.  Fresh and frozen whole truffles, packaged shavings and premium oil.  We will begin selling  truffles as soon as they come into production -- it's a long term project as are many agricultural activities.

Bichon Frise Puppies

Purebred pups from our pets Anthony and Cleopatra.  We're not a "puppy mill".  The pups are born and weaned in our farmhouse.  Use the button below to learn abuout Bichon's and our past and current litters.

Aronia Berries

A true superfood, grown, harvested, and processed on-farm.  Fresh and frozen berries or bottled juice.  We have been making delicious aronia wine for many years and are in the process of increasing production for future small commercial sales.


Great for canning, baking, or winemaking.  Our rhubarb is grown, harvested, and packaged as ready to use frozen pulp on-farm.  We are increasing our plantings at present to support future commercial wine production. 

Farm-to-Table Products

We produce superior quality farm-to-table products using crops grown on our farm and nearby dairy and meat producers.

Our on-farm produced dairy products are all raw (unpasturized) milk from the Kemp Family Organic Farm and Dairy in Milroy, IN and includes a Three-Chese (Cheddar, Colby, Gouda) Sauce.  Also produced on-farm is Chef Nick's Mafia Gravy, a East Coast Italian-American specialty made from our own farm-fresh San Marzano tomatoes, farm-fresh vegitables, and grass-fed beef Italian sausage.

Our products are available at local farmers markets, home delivery in selected Indiana counties, or, for the shelf-stable products, shipping to anywhere in the USA.

Distillery Grains

We grow distillery grains for our in-house use and for local craft distilleries..  We have two fields of our own that cycle through Bloody Butcher corn, Reids #2 Yellow Dent corn,  Calypso barley, rye, spelt, and soy beans (yes soy beans, they are used in brewing gluten free beer).

Please take a few minutes to look through our website and contact us if you have any questions.